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About LDS Business College and a vision for the future

In many of my interactions, people ask what we're up to at LDS Business College. As we conclude the calendar year in which I was appointed the president of LDS Business College, I thought it appropriate to address some of the most common questions that I receive.

About LDS Business College

LDS Business College is an esteemed place with a long history. Founded in 1886, the College is in its 131st year of operation. Sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the school has occupied many places in downtown Salt Lake City. It has been in the Triad Center since 2006. The administrative offices are on the 10th floor and overlook Temple Square and downtown Salt Lake to the east. Our location is central and convenient.

Each year, 2,200 students are on campus. With a student body that's 25 percent international, we enjoy a broad diversity of backgrounds and experiences. We're richly blessed by the quality of students at LDS Business College.

I mentioned in my inaugural address the three core values President Henry B. Eyring articulated for the College in October 2009. They are:

1) A commitment on the part of every employee to provide the very best experience possible, to help our students return to the presence of Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

2) A spirit of optimism about the potential of each one of our students. Here they find hope where they thought there was none and dream dreams they never thought possible.

3) A feeling of unity in all we do.

I wholeheartedly endorse these core values and believe they have existed at the Business College for many years. These values are part of the reason students, faculty, staff, corporate partners and donors continue to be drawn to the College. Our current and future efforts will reinforce and emphasize these characteristics.

I'd also like to note, from the October 2017 inaugural ceremonies (referenced above), these statements from President Dieter F. Uchtdorf:

...we give you a charge to lead this college to new heights of purpose, learning, service, achievement, recognition, and unity.

LDS Business College is a place where students study and prepare for specific jobs upon graduation. The intent is to produce graduates who are spiritually well-grounded and professionally prepared.

This remarkable now heading into a period of limitless opportunities.

Our purpose

As we strive to be true to prophetic declarations and counsel provided throughout College history, our purpose as an institution remains to deliver gospel and Christ-centered skills-based education training that leads to employment in specific roles upon graduation.

We intend to prepare and develop graduates who are spiritually well-grounded, professionally qualified, self-reliant disciples of the Savior.

Who we serve

We serve students with a variety of educational needs, interests and abilities. Because of this diversity, there's not one profile that identifies the typical LDS Business College student. Here are four dominant student profiles:

Type One: We serve new students in the traditional 18-to-24-year-old category, the majority of whom are returned LDS Church missionaries. Included in this group are many international students. These students attend LDS Business College to begin their college education and plan to transfer to a four-year school with a professional certificate or associate degree from LDSBC. Their start at LDSBC provides a skills-based education they can rely on to support them as they discover and realize their hopes and aspirations.

Type Two: We serve returning students in the 30-years-old and older category who may already have a degree from LDS Business College or another institution, and seek to obtain new professional skills. Included in this group are also those who may not have completed their education previously and are re-investing in education to better support themselves, and in many instances, their families.

Type Three: We serve professional students who are seeking to add or refresh skills.

Type Four: We serve PathwayConnect students who choose to attend LDS Business College to further their education and enhance their skills following successful completion of the PathwayConnect program.

We desire to serve and bless the lives of as many as can be accommodated on our Salt Lake City campus. We believe we have room to grow before we've fully utilized existing facilities.

What makes us different?

LDS Business College occupies a unique place within the LDS Church Educational System. Given our ability to provide a skills-based, Christ-centered education in a short period, the College is uniquely qualified to prepare employable, capable and trusted graduates.

Small class sizes promote a spiritually nourishing environment where professors and students know each other by name and mentoring occurs.

Our learning and teaching framework immerses students in experiences that are real-world, with real employers, doing real work. This deep employer-student engagement is a hallmark of the LDS Business College experience, and more often than not, leads to full-time employment upon graduation.

Our location at LDS Church headquarters provides a unique opportunity for students to participate in weekly devotionals on Temple Square. There, they hear from Church leaders and prominent members of the Church as students strengthen testimonies and learn how to become better disciples of the Savior.

In conclusion

I invite my colleagues and all associated with LDS Business College to lengthen our stride, expand our reach and quicken our pace. As I said during my inauguration, I believe we will achieve and become all the Lord needs and expects of us. As we do, it will be a remarkable journey and days never to be forgotten.

Thank you for a wonderful 2017. With you, I look forward to all that 2018 holds in store for each of us.

President Bruce C. Kusch

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