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Jesus Christ supports and blesses us in our trials

Singley spoke about her experience growing tomatoes and likened that experience to us. Her tomato plants need to reach and stretch their roots lower into the soil to receive water and therefore, she only waters them occasionally. Her plants also need cages around them so they can grow upward without falling to the ground and being susceptible to disease, rot and harm.

"Each of you is part of what's coming," Singley said. “you're part of the future.” Students of the college stand as a beacons of light in this darkening world. LDSBC gives students so many opportunities and Singley asked, “What will you do with your opportunities?”

The key is to seek for the support of our Heavenly Father. “We have what it takes to be successful here,” Singley said. “​LDSBC is your tomato cage that supports you and helps you diligently become more.”

Steve Taylor continued to speak about trials and gaining support and blessings from our Father in Heaven. Multiple times throughout his life he dealt with trials: breaking both of his ankles, receiving radiation for Hodgkin’s disease, a heart attack, a heart murmur, multiple bypass surgeries and a heart valve replacement surgery.

Through all of these scary and painful hardships Taylor saw blessings come. “I’m still able to walk,” he said. “I have lessons and stories to share.​ I only had radiation for the cancer-that's a blessing. I had the most curable cancer. All my hair grew back. I worked half days everyday, or my wife worked for me, and I still got paid full time.”

There will always be trials in our life, but there are blessings we receive from enduring through them. “You will be able to find joy in your trials,” said Taylor. “I testify that it’s easy to feel like there’s no hope...I want to remind you that even the Savior asked for relief.” If we but ask, we will be blessed for our struggles and efforts to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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