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We want to help you be a successful student at Ensign College. One key to your educational success is staying in status while you're in the U.S. on an F-1 student visa. To help you accomplish this, please review these helpful resources and be sure to abide by all international student policies during your time at Ensign College.

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    Maintaining Status
    Maintaining your F-1 Student Status in the U.S. is essential, as it will determine your continued presence at Ensign College. Please read our full policy to ensure you've taken the appropriate actions.

    For more information on maintaining your international student status, please visit the International Student Office.
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    Name and Address Changes
    We need to know where you are! We understand that your housing situation may change over the course of you time at Ensign College. So while you're packing your belongings for the move, make sure to update your address and other contact information with the college.

    Read the college's full policy on the matter here .
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    Changing Majors
    As you're attending college, you may uncover new talents or interests and decide that you want to change your major. To find out how to formally declare a new major, please refer to our policy .
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    Program Extensions
    Has your program changed or have you adjusted your major since beginning school? There are certain circumstances where you may extend your I-20 in order to complete your course of study. Learn how and when you can apply for an extension by reading our policy here .
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    Transfer Out
    Transferring to another institution after graduation to complete your bachelor's degree is an admirable step. We can help. Make the transition seamless by ensuring all the right information is sent to your next school promptly. Learn about the process here.
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    Authorization to Reduce Course Load (Below 12 Credits)
    In order to maintain status as an international student, you must be enrolled full-time (12 or more credits) each semester. However, there are some rare circumstances in which you may reduce your course load. Take a look at the specific situations so you're prepared if the need should arise.
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    Completion of Study/Completion of OPT/Expiration of I-20
    Once you've completed your program, there are some things you'll need to wrap up before you return to your country. Set yourself up for success by taking the right steps to finish up your I-20.
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    Authorized Withdrawal
    If you have an emergency at home and need to leave the U.S. immediately, it can be arranged with the College. We hope that this situation never happens to you but if it does, you should be aware of the time restrictions in doing so.
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    Online Courses
    Can I take online courses? There is a requirement that international students attend classes on-campus. Although your program may include some online classes, planning is critical. The majority of your credits need to be in the classroom - typically only one online course is allowed per semester. If your program requires online courses, it's imperative that you visit your academic advisor and plan out your course of study to stay within regulations.

    You can familiarize yourself with the college's policy here .
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    Academic Progress, Probation and Suspension
    Keep your I-20 in active status. There are academic standards you must maintain to be eligible to stay in the U.S. Please be constantly aware of these guidelines.
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    Before you arrive at Ensign College you should be prepared to fund your entire education, and should be able to turn to your sponsor in times of financial need. However, there are a few opportunities for international student scholarships available through the college. These are limited and all questions should be forwarded to the Scholarship Office. Feel free to contact them at or (801) 524-8111.

    For additional information about scholarships for international students please refer to our policy .
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    If you need to leave the U.S. for any reason and plan on returning to Ensign College, please make sure you obtain your travel endorsement and get the needed signature to return. Don’t jeopardize your return! Set an appointment and remember to complete this vital step for traveling outside of the US.

    Read our full policy here.
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    Annual Vacations
    International students have the option to take a vacation semester. This semester is determined by when you started your education with us. You are encouraged to plan your entire course sequence, including any plans to take a vacation semester, with your academic advisor to ensure that the courses you need are available during the semesters you plan to be in school.

    For additional information please refer to our policy .


Feel free to contact the International Student Office at or 801-524-8142.

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.

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