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Graduates honored with 2021 Graduate Celebration

Ensign College honored its first graduating class following its name change from LDS Business College, Thursday afternoon.

Twenty-one graduates represented the 2021 graduating class, receiving either a Graduate Leadership or Graduate Service award. Due to program restructuring, some programs were not honored at the live Zoom event. The complete list of recipients follows.

Program Leadership Service
Accounting Brenlyn Thiriot Rodabough Amy Sherwood
Business Analytics Sandra D. Gee N/A
Business Intelligence Sofia Montana Bocanegra Brandon E. Bell
Business Management Jessica Christine Meyers Santiago Andrés Páez Hurtado
Digital Marketing Sara M. Barlow Jesse Hunt
Global Supply Chain & Operations Pablo Josue Pineda Madrigal Maria Paula Denny
Health Professions Jenna Hughes Andrea Mishelle Cabrera Canenguez
Information Technology Lucas Lehi Gomes de Araujo Rebecca Andrade de Oliveira Guedes
Interior Design N/A N/A
Medical Coding N/A N/A
Paralegal Studies Jaxon Jaggi Inaê Cavalcante Silva
Project Management Marjorie Dutra Stella Ferraz
Software Development Lucas Melo R. de Lima Ciarra Stevenett

Additionally, graduates, their families, staff, faculty and other guests viewed a video created to honor the Class of 2021.

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