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Ensign College Partners with BYU-Idaho and the Research and Business Development Center to Host the First Annual Analytics Career Day

On Friday, October 28 at 11 a.m., Ensign College will host the first annual Analytics Career Day, in the Ensign College Multipurpose Room on the college’s first floor at 95 N 300 W in Salt Lake City. The event is sponsored in partnership with BYU-Idaho and the Research and Business Development Center (RBDC). Over 125 students in data science and business analytics programs at both schools will learn from and mingle with industry professionals during a panel discussion, networking sessions, and lunch.

“This day will launch careers,” said Mike Ray, Director of Career and Internship Services. “Ensign College and BYU-Idaho students will have experiences and meet industry professionals in a setting that will shape their future.”

The RDBC works closely with Ensign College and BYU-Idaho and was key in facilitating the events of the day. The keynote speaker will be, Matthew Sadowski, Senior Vice President of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics for Bonneville International Corporation. Panel discussion members include industry experts from General Motors, Intermountain Health Care, Family Search, AgReserves, Cricut, and MasterControl. Students from both schools will present data analysis projects and receive feedback from industry mentors as well as participate in a networking sessions and lunch. Details can be found at:

Ensign College is known for its innovative skills-based curriculum and focus on preparing students for the world of work. “We are all about connecting students to industry,” Academic Vice President Tim Sloan said. “In our classrooms, our faculty put students in real situations-the kinds of things they will experience in their jobs. When they graduate, they have not only academic learning but real-world experience that has prepared them to step into a career.” Sloan added that the Analytics Career Day is just one example of the consistent efforts of Ensign College to help students prepare by learning to apply what they are learning. 

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