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Academic Merit Scholarship

Who Should Apply

Incoming freshman, transfers, and continuing students with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.7 are encouraged to apply. Available for both domestic and international students.

Students must meet all other eligibility requirements mentioned in the Ensign College Scholarship Policy.

Award Amount


*The award amount may vary each semester depending upon the applicant pool, the student’s GPA, and available funding. Three GPA tiers are used with varying percentages each semester, and amounts are subject to change.


1 semester, renewable.


1 April (Spring), 15 August (Fall), and 1 December (Winter).

We recommend you review the “Deadlines” tab/menu on the Scholarships page .

Required Enrollment

Full-time (12+ Credits).

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What GPA is used for this scholarship?

    Current Students: the GPA used will be your cumulative GPA on the day the scholarship application opens.

    New or Transfer Students: the GPA used will be an average of your transfer GPA. If you do not have transfer credits, the GPA used will be your high school GPA.

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    What if it is my last semester, and I won’t be a full-time student?
    A: If you are graduating with an AS, AAS, or BAS and will be part-time in your last semester, you may be eligible for the “Last Semester Exception”. If you receive the scholarship, more information about how to apply for this exception will be in your award notification. If approved, your scholarship will be prorated based on how many credits you have left to take.

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