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Assistive Technology

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Assistive technology is any item, piece of equipment, or system that can increase, maintain, or improve independence. These items may be high- or low-tech. While many assistive tech devoices were designed for people with disabilities, many people use them. If you’ve used Siri or another voice-activated assistant on your phone, you’ve used assistive technology!

Whether or not you have a disability, you may find using some assistive technology helpful. While this is not a comprehensive list, you can explore different assistive technologies and find one that may help you.

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    Reading and Literacy Support
    Reading and Literacy Support


    • Largest online library of accessible reading materials for people with print disabilities


    • Text-to-speech/screenreader software
    • You have free access with your Ensign email!

    Mercury Reader

    • Chrome extension that can remove ads and distractions, leaving only text and images
    • Adjust typeface and text size


    • Replaces higher-level vocabulary with words that are easier to understand


    • Chrome extension that helps you read at double or triple your normal speed
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    • Corrects your typos, phonetic mistakes, severe spelling mistakes, and misused words based on the context of a sentence


    • Eliminate writing mistakes and contextual errors, spelling errors, and poor vocabulary usage
    • Find the word you are looking for with synonym suggestions


    • Helps you make your writing bold and clear
    • Highlights lengthy and complex sentences, points out adverbs, weakening phrases, and passive voice
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    Dictation/Speech-to-Text/Speech Recognition
    Dictation/Speech-to-Text/Speech Recognition
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    • Synchronize your notes with the audio recording of your lecture


    • A one-stop place to collect notes, files, web clippings, and images with the ability to access them on virtually any device
    • Collaborate with others on projects using the sharing features

    Microsoft OneNote

    • Take all your notes in OneNote by typing, writing with a touchscreen, importing pictures, video, web links and other resources
    • Ability to record your lecture with this program
    • Divide up your classes and work by notebook, section, and pages


    • Create multimedia notes (text, audio, images, etc.)
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    Time Management and Distraction-Free
    Time Management and Distraction-Free

    • Music created to support you in everyday activities, including helping to get more done

    Cold Turkey

    • Block distracting websites for set amounts of time

    Focus Booster

    • Set up Pomodoro sessions and track where you’re spending your time

    Focus Keeper

    • Pomodoro app helps you to focus your work efforts in timed 25-minute chunks


    • Block distracting websites and apps

    My Study Life

    • Organizes your classes, tasks, and exams and syncs across all your devices


    • Chrome extension that restricts the time you can spend on time-wasting websites
    • Once your allotted time is used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day
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    Be My Eyes

    • App that connects people who are blind with sighted volunteers around the world
    • Using video chat, volunteers help people who are blind with a variety of tasks as they serve as the eyes for the person who is blind

    JAWS Screenreader

    • Screen reader developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content or navigating with a mouse
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    Search for Assistive Tech
    Search for Assistive Tech

    • Provides access to information on a variety of AT devices and services as well as other community resources for people with disabilities and the general public. Browse AT products by function or disability, by activity or task, or by the vendor’s name.


    • From hygiene and self-care products to electronics and accessories, search through Atvisor’s Products Catalog to find and select products that best fit your needs

    Augsburg University Disability Resources

    • Augsburg University put together a list of various assistive tech that may help students.


    • Products for independent living

    National Directory of Home Modification and Repair Resources

    • This directory provides resources for home modifications (e.g., grab bars, roll-in showers, and ramps) and repairs for each state. A directory of local home modification service providers can be found through a state search.

    Pass It On Center (PIOC)

    • PIOC assists people with disabilities in gaining access to and acquisition of reused AT.

    Searchable Online Accommodation Resource (SOAR)

    • Search and find information about various accommodation options in work and educational settings for people with disabilities through SOAR, a database maintained by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN).

    Unified Listing

    • Search through this database to find access to communication, computers and digital devices.

    Utah Assistive Technology Foundation (UATF)

    • Puts assistive technology into the hands of people who need it.

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