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A Paralegal Degree at LDSBC Helps Students Grow and Excel

Understanding everything you need for your career while in school can prove challenging. For Lexi Balling, a former Paralegal student, LDS Business College has enabled her to grow, excel and reach her career potential as new opportunities have presented themselves.

Lexi has been working in the paralegal field for the past seven years, following her graduation from LDS Business College. Just last semester, she began to give back to the College that gave her a start in the industry by becoming an adjunct faculty member.

“I was reached out to about teaching a course at LDS Business College,” Lexi said. “It was never something that I had considered, but I just had a feeling that I should do it.”

Lexi teaches one course per semester, Paralegal Procedures. She says her students love the real-world experience she’s able to provide.

“Things make more sense to the students I teach,” Lexi said. “They tell me they’re so glad that I’m their teacher because this is my day-to-day life. Things really make sense for them. They love that I have the tips, trips and networking abilities that makes this profession accessible to them as students.”

In fact, around 70% of faculty at LDS Business College are adjunct. Meaning, the vast majority of the time, students are learning from real-world professionals who remain current and relevant in their industries.

Having gone to a pair of schools before LDS Business College, Lexi knows first-hand the value a degree from the College brings to employers.

“My time at LDS Business College came up in my very first interview for my first job,” Lexi said. “My prospective employers were very impressed with what I was learning at school. LDS Business College has a great reputation among employers in Utah. I had friends here who were recruited by lawyers specifically wanting LDSBC students to come and work for them.”

LDS Business College’s mission is to develop capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ. Lexi is grateful of the opportunity afforded her in teaching to show students just how applicable that mission statement is in real life.

“I’ve had a very successful career in the short time I’ve been in the field,” Lexi said. “The most rewarding thing, however, has been to go back to LDS Business College and teach.”

Because we’re in the business of helping students excel, come and see what LDS Business College can do for you. Discover how a Paralegal degree will help you grow and reach your potential. Let’s make your future happen together at LDS Business College.

Fall 2019 enrollment opens June 3. Apply now!

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