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Brandee Nadauld
For single mom Brandee Nadauld, Ensign's flexibility and support system made it possible to achieve her goals for herself and her family.
Heidi Bennett couch
Heidi Bennett spent most of her career as an in-house writer and editor. She loved the creative work, but when she wanted to get more involved in messaging strategy and leadership, she found herself feeling stuck.
Gus Promo
Gus Paiva, a digital marketing student, is one of many adults who have advanced their careers at Ensign College. Read why this successful business owner chose to come back to school.
Teacher congratulating graduate at commencement
Ensign College will hold its 137th Commencement exercises in the historic Salt Lake Tabernacle on Temple Square, Thursday, April 11, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. For more than 13 decades, the College has honored students who are prepared to enter the workforce with job-ready skills and experience.
John Moore Lead
John Moore, Ensign College’s former Creative Director, talked with us about how “Ensign” was chosen as the school's new name and the spiritual guidance the team received. His story and testimony tell of divine guidance, creativity, and discipleship.
accounting moms
Cari, Cozette, and Audra all joined the Ensign College accounting program after raising families for more than 20 years. Hear their experiences as mature students, offering insights and inspiration to those considering a similar journey.
students in classroom discussion
Ensign College offers three unique certificates designed for students who have served missions, in the military, or in the Peace Corps or similar humanitarian services. These certificates help returned missionaries turn their experiences into job skills.
Career Fair 2024
Ensign College recently concluded its highly anticipated Career Week, a series of events designed to empower students in their professional development journey.
Student Smiling at Career Fair
Don't miss Career Week, an event designed to empower you with the tools, knowledge, and connections necessary to navigate the ever-evolving job market.
DECA Winter 2024 Ensign Student Group
Ensign College hosted the annual Utah DECA State Career Development Conference on Friday, February 2, 2024. Eight schools and 150 students from across Utah participated in the all-day event.
In an effort to remove barriers in the application process for students, Ensign College has eliminated its application fee.
Sanna Promo
For recent Ensign College alum Sanna Weggersen, Business Club shaped skills that today set her apart from other professionals.
Silicon Slopes
Each year, the Silicon Slopes Summit gathers tech entrepreneurs and business leaders from across Utah to learn and connect with each other. The 2023 event took place just a few steps away from Ensign College, at the Delta Center, on September 27 and 28. Prominent speakers included Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck (GaryVee), and the CEOs of ESPN, Netflix, Yahoo, Delta, and more.
When success is measured simply by profit or recognition, you may find many opportunities to compromise your principles in the pursuit of it. Aligned with Ensign College’s mission to develop capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ, Brother Sandorf has found success in life by being capable in his profession while remaining true to his principles. Read more about his journey to Ensign College.
Interior design is all about fluffing pillows and arranging décor, right? Actually, not at all—the profession encompasses much more. If you are considering a career in the field, check out these four crucial tips from Zac Marshall, Interior Design Program Chair at Ensign College.
Ensign College is committed to making education as accessible as possible. If you're a student here, there's probably a scholarship you qualify for. Read some of our students' stories about how receiving scholarships has helped them thrive in college.
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