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All good things are possible because of Jesus Christ

Your situation might not look that way, but BYU President Kevin J Worthen illustrated this principle relating to the story of Elder Hugh B. Brown who pruned his currant bush until there was nothing left but stumps. He pondered about what would the tree could say to him if it were to talk, and suddenly he saw tears coming from the tree. But Elder Hugh, being the gardener, knew what he was doing with the bush.

He heavily pruned the bush so it could grow and give fruit. He was the gardener in charge. Years after, Elder Brown was expecting to be promoted to a general position in the Canadian army, but it didn't happen because he was member of the church. He felt discouraged, asking himself why God let something like that happen to someone like him who tried his very best to be obedient. Suddenly, a thought came to his mind, I am the gardener here, which changed the perspective he had about his future.

He will make everything work together for our good. He has a plan. said, President Keith. If God has a plan for each one of us, then we must focus on living a life with joy. God is always aware of our circumstances; he truly cares about us. He wants us to succeed.

President Keith offered the following advice in order to overcome our trials and challenges with an eternal perspective:

1. Each scripture is a condition.

We have to do something to receive the promised blessings because, in the long term, it will depend on us to receive what is promised.

2. Focus on joy in your life.

Saints can find joy in immediate circumstances thanks to the gospel of Jesus Christ at all times regardless of the situation. Try to look and be aware of the tender mercies God has put there for you, even the small things can bring joy to your life.

3. All good things are possible because of Jesus Christ.

Even when we have fallen short at times, there is nothing that Christ can't fix. The Atonement is there for us 24/7. There is always a good time to start once again; second chances are always available. Make sure to have hope in Christ because all the possibilities that are there for you is all thanks to Him.

President Keith testified, God cares deeply for what we do because He knows what we can become.

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