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LDS Education for the World

President Thomas S. Monson gave counsel to members of the church to “Pursue your education and learn marketable skills so you are prepared to provide.” Sometimes it feels that there are so many skills necessary to become self-reliant, a lifelong learner and a provider for our families.

Corporate Connect helps struggling individuals become self-reliant and deepen their conversion in the gospel and Jesus Christ. It gives non-students the skills, confidence and opportunities they need to kick start a career faster and more affordably.

Currently, LDSBC partners with 18 employers in 26 cities and more are being added every day.

These employers offer, on average, $13-16 an hour with benefits. These companies have room for employees to progress and better continue on a career path. Our partnership helps employers save time and money in the hiring process and experience a lower rate of employee turnover.

When an employer wants to partner with LDS Business College, we create a specific, custom-fit training course that caters to their specific needs. Therefore, students are guaranteed to have the skills necessary for the job and more likely to be hired there.

Classes taught in the courses are both in the classroom and in a live, online-classroom setting. Online classes give this learning opportunity to employers and participants in other countries, reaching thousands. Online classes also make this business model scalable as this model is expected to reach 40,000 students by 2020.

An added benefit to this program is receiving an employer-guaranteed interview for each student upon their completion. This makes it more likely for them to get the desire job they are working towards and one step closer to becoming self-reliant.

As of July 2016, 93 percent of people that have gone through the program have been hired. There are many people reaching out to help those in need of skills training and jobs.


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