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Surrender your will to the Lord and trust in His love for you

Baker spoke of coming to know Christ for ourselves so that we can better share his goodness with others. “True faith is faith in the Lord Jesus Christ,” she said. Everything we have faith in is based on trust. We must trust God’s will and have faith in His plan.

Throughout her devotional address, Baker played “Amazing Grace,” “Poor Wayfaring man of grief,” “I Know that My Redeemer Lives,” and “Love is Spoken Here.” She spoke of the powerful influence the family home environment has on bringing the spirit into our lives and teaching our children to live Christ-centered lives. “The Lord continues to bless us even when we think we are through our challenges,” Baker said. “Yoking ourselves to the Lord brings peace and joy.”

Baker continued to speak of many things, but her final point concluded with the power of prayer. “The Lord does hear our prayer,” she said. “The moment we listen, is when miracles happen.”

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