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The Key To Happiness

Brother Staheli would know—as a licensed therapist and trainer, he has helped thousands of people achieve the outcomes they desired.

“In my perspective, the key to happiness is holiness,” he testified. But how can we reach a level of holiness in a world that would lead us otherwise? Brother Staheli shared three key steps:

1. Be obedient.

As we overcome the natural man by rejecting what we shouldn’t do, we will be in harmony with God. Our spirituality will increase and we will get nearer to the Holy Spirit, thus developing a level of holiness.

2. Be available.

“Holiness is not situational; it is a way of being,” noted Brother Staheli. We may have good excuses for not doing the small things we know we should, but when we desire to do what God wants us to do, we show that we are willing and available to be the best we can be. Living with that attitude will make a difference in your life.

3. Practice holiness.

Achieving the trait takes work but is worth it. Practice holiness and become a saint through the Atonement. Show a willingness to submit to all things. “To be holy is to be in harmony with God,” said Brother Staheli.

Holiness is attainable for those who desire it and follow the required steps. And you are never alone. As you strive to be obedient and show a willing spirit, Brother Staheli testified that “the Holy Ghost will aid you in your effort to become holy.”

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