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The making of President Kusch’s Papa’s Signature Sauce

Their mission: To make and bottle President Kusch’s premium barbecue sauce to give as a gift to donors and friends participating in President’s Dinner on March 21, 2018.

They were successful in making 200 jars of barbecue sauce which were distributed the evening of President’s Dinner, along with the story of how President Kusch developed a fascination with barbecue sauce and the recipe for his signature sauce.



President Kusch’s recipe is called Papa’s Signature Sauce because his grandkids call him Papa.

As far as we know, this is the first time one of our College presidents donned an apron and went to work in the kitchen to say “Thank you!” to donors.

The gift was well received at President’s Dinner. Too bad we didn’t have barbecue that evening to taste the sauce, but we have no doubt a couple-hundred people will be testing it out on their home barbecue grills this summer.

Thank you, President and Sister Kusch, for sharing your time and talents and the bottles of Papa’s Signature Sauce with us.

President Bruce C. Kusch

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