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When Heavenly Father Has a Plan

From a small town near Boise, Idaho, Jessica Meyers’ path to LDS Business College took an unexpected journey.

Immediately after graduation of high school, Jessica got accepted into her dream school. Just when everything felt like it was going in the right direction, the school had lost her records and everything seemed to fall apart.

She then decided to put school on hold for a time, electing to serve a mission in Scottsdale, Arizona. Upon returning home to Idaho, Jessica planned to attend a school in her home state. After some pondering, she felt she was not in the right place and withdrew from her classes.

In the meantime, Jessica was professionally singing opera. Because of competitions and paying for training, she needed to find work. She was not able to find sufficient work in Idaho, so she made her way to Utah.

After three years of not attending school, Jessica found herself applying to LDS Business College, starting her classes here and leaving professional opera singing behind. She says, “It was the easiest thing to just do. When Heavenly Father has a plan, it is going to happen.”

Compared to the other schools Jessica had plans to attend, she said LDS Business College was the easiest to prepare for.

Jessica feels that LDS Business College is Salt Lake City’s ‘secret gem.’ She says it is the best place for people who don’t know what they want to do or for those who do know to get right into their careers.

Here at LDSBC, Jessica says that she gets to work with real clients and companies, something she would not get at other universities or colleges.

To get the full experience and learn all that she can, Jessica is double majoring in Professional Business Management and Social Media Marketing. Her favorite classes have been BUS 123, a class on leadership, and SMM 130, a class about content creation. She says that the leadership class teaches you leadership techniques and allows for the students to practice these new skills in leadership roles.

The biggest lesson Jessica has learned is that she does not need to wait to be out of college to start working. The school has built her confidence to do what she wants and achieve her career goals.

“Within three semesters I have been given the tools I need to start a career – and even start my own company. That’s great,” Jessica said.

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