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Career Prep Roadmap

Prepare for a job search like a pro by completing this series of self-paced lessons. Take them in order, or jump right to the one you need most.

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How to Get Started

  1. Sign up for Ensign Connect
  2. Begin a Roadmap module
  3. Get help from a Career Mentor

Roadmap Modules
Click the titles below to learn more about what is in each module and link to the lessons in Ensign Connect.

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    1. Explore Your Career Options
    In this module you will:

    • Understand yourself
    • Gain insight with Career Explorer
    • Choose a career path
    Start Module 1: Explore Your Career Options
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    2. Build a Powerful Resume
    In module 2 you will:

    • Learn resumé tips
    • Improve your resumé using VMock
    • Get feedback and improve
    Start Module 2: Build a Powerful Resumé
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    3. Interview with Excellence
    In module 3 you will:

    • Learn interview skills
    • Practice and improve with Big Interview software
    Start Module 3: Interview with Excellence
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    4. Expand Your Network
    Spotlight your skills and experiences online and use networking features to enhance your job prospects.

    • Create a strong LinkedIn profile
    • Improve Ensign Connect and Handshake profiles
    • Grow your network
    Start Module 4: Expand Your Network
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    5. Develop Job Opportunities
    Unlock the power of networking and informational interviewing:

    • Define a list of companies and connections
    • Conduct informational interviews
    • Build strong relationships
    Start Module 5: Develop Job Opportunities

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