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Upcoming Devotional

Ronald Craven
September 26, 2023

About the Speaker

Ronald Craven

Brother Ron Craven served his mission as a young man in London England. Halfway through his mission the mission boundaries changed. He was one of several missionaries assigned to the new mission. Brother Craven was devastated. A new mission meant a new mission president, different culture, lost friends, and strange surroundings.

What seemed like a significant trial at the time ended up being a tremendous blessing. In the new mission, Elder Craven was assigned to serve with Elder Mitchell. When the two got home, Elder Mitchell set Elder Craven up on a blind date with his little sister—his very beautiful little sister—Becky! If you can imagine, they went to a mission reunion on the initial blind date. Love at first site? Not quite, but close. Ten months later Ron and Becky were married with Elder Mitchell as the best man!

When Brother Craven served as president of the North Carolina Charlotte Mission, he would tell his missionaries that his mission keeps giving and giving! Thus far it has given him five children and 22 grandchildren. 

Brother Craven is married to Sister Rebecca L. Craven, former second counselor in the General Young Women’s presidency. Brother Craven has served in bishoprics, high councils, and stake presidencies. For seven years he taught institute and loved his interaction with young singe adults. Professionally, Brother Craven is a Partner with The Boyer Company, which develops, manages, and leases commercial real estate throughout the Intermountain West. He has a finance degree from Brigham Young University. The Craven’s love to travel and have participated in many humanitarian projects throughout the world.
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