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Ensign College announces Fall 2021 Semester plans

Ensign College has announced its plans for the upcoming Fall 2021 Semester, as it relates to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a change from the past two semesters and the upcoming Spring 2021 Semester, approximately 80% of classes for Fall 2021 will be offered face-to-face, with the remainder being delivered in a hybrid or fully remote fashion. These percentages are subject to change as registration trends are carefully monitored. Additionally, BYU-Idaho online courses are not included in these estimates.

It is also anticipated that Student Services hours and office availability at the College will return to pre-COVID-19 schedules.

With a return to regular hours of operation, Ensign College will follow guidelines from Church headquarters regarding vaccinations for students, staff and faculty. All are strongly encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccination; however, it is not mandated, nor will it be monitored.

The safety of the College’s students and employees continues to be a priority. As such, the above stated plans are subject to change based upon Church headquarters and government guidelines.

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