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Ensign College M. Russell Ballard Leadership Scholarship

Who Should Apply

The M. Russell Ballard Leadership Scholarship recognizes Ensign College students who have demonstrated leadership and service characteristics as exemplified by M. Russell Ballard's life and teachings. Students with this type of experience will need to submit an essay where they can describe how they have been wise and anxiously engaged in service opportunities or have been "an example of the believers" by always striving to change lives through positive and fair leadership.

Scholarship recipients are strongly encouraged to continue this pattern of service by finding ways to serve the campus community during the term the scholarship is received. A minimum of 15 hours of volunteer service per semester is encouraged. Students will need to report each semester on how their service experience is going. Students can receive a second semester of the scholarship if they perform the volunteer service requirements during the initial semester.

Letters of Recommendation

  • Two letters of recommendation are required for consideration.

    • Former employer, seminary teacher/principal, community leader, school counselor, Ensign College faculty or mission president, etc., must write letters of recommendation.
    • When the student completes the application, they can identify whom they would like to write their letters of recommendation.
    • The system will send an email (from inside the new application) with instructions on how to submit the letter.
    • Letters of recommendation will only be accepted if submitted through that process in the Scholarship Portal application.
  • Letters of recommendation are due by 8/18 Fall, 12/4 Winter, and 4/4 Spring.


April 1 (Spring), August 15 (Fall), and December 1 (Winter)

*Applications will not be considered after the deadline.

Award Amount

Full Church Member Tuition for two semesters (if the student remains eligible)

Award Amount Full Church-member tuition Full Church-member tuition
Min. GPA 3.7 3.7
Awarding Criteria As selected by committee As selected by committee
Duration 2 semesters - Non-renewable 2 semesters - Non-renewable
International/Domestic Both Both
Stackable* No No
Budget Constrained** Yes Yes
Required Enrollment Full-time (12+ credits required) Full-time (12+ credits required)

*Stackable means the scholarship can, or cannot, be combined with another scholarship.

**Budget Constrained means there is a limited amount of funds that we are able to award to students.


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