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Ensign College M. Russell Ballard Leadership Scholarship

The M. Russell Ballard Scholarship is named after President M. Russell Ballard and is intended to recognize Ensign College students who have demonstrated leadership and service characteristics as exemplified by M. Russell Ballard’s life and teachings. Scholarship applicants will be asked to submit an essay where they can describe how they have been wise and anxiously engaged in service opportunities and/or have been “an example of the believers” by always striving to change lives through positive and fair leadership. Two letters of recommendation are required on behalf of the student.


  • 20 scholarships are available per year, beginning Fall 2020 (or as many as can be awarded based upon budget available)
  • First-time freshmen and continuing students demonstrating exemplary leadership, and who will remain at the College
  • Minimum 3.5 GPA for incoming freshmen (3.2 GPA for existing students)
  • Two-semesters – full Church member tuition
  • Available for members and non-members
  • Use during consecutive semesters (Spring is optional)
  • All full-time students (12+ credits)
  • Not transferable
  • Degree-seeking enrolled in AS, AAS or BAS program
  • Thank-you letter required prior to disbursement
  • Pathway students not eligible
  • Must be in good honor code standing and must remain in good academic standing to continue to receive the scholarship
  • Must have experience with leadership or can demonstrate services performed prior to applying for the scholarship


  • The student must submit the essay and have two letters of recommendation sent directly to the Ensign College Financial Aid Office.
    • Students' essays should include a specific quote from one of President Ballard’s talks and discuss how that phrase or topic has applied to their service and/or leadership experiences.
    • Former employer, seminary teacher/principal, community leader, school counselor, Ensign College faculty and/or mission president, etc. must write letters of recommendation.
  • Scholarships will be awarded on a semester basis in preparation for the upcoming semester.
    • Full-time missionaries may defer their scholarships until the time they enter school.
  • Recipients will be recognized at an annual luncheon with representatives from the Ballard family.


April 1 (Spring), August 15 (Fall) and December 1 (Winter)

*Applications will not be considered after the deadline.

Award AmountFull Church-member tuitionFull Church-member tuition
Min. GPA3.53.2
Awarding CriteriaAs selected by committeeAs selected by committee
Duration2 semesters - Non-renewable2 semesters - Non-renewable
Budget ConstrainedYesYes
Required EnrollmentFull-time (12+ credits required)Full-time (12+ credits required)


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