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Your grades are calculated by each instructor based on your course participation, coursework and mastery of the subject. To learn more about the grading system and how each grade is defined please review our grading system policy.

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Grades are determined by each instructor based upon an evaluation of all assigned and completed coursework. Course participation, mastery of subject matter, and promise of continuing success in sequential courses in related fields are all criteria used to evaluate progress.

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Do you need to request a grade change? Learn what circumstances might warrant changing your grade, and how it may affect your academic standing by reading our policy below.

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After the final grade submission deadline, grades may be changed only for the following reasons...

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You may qualify for an incomplete grade (“I”) if you've experienced extenuating circumstances beyond your control after the semester withdrawal deadline. To review your options and instructions on how to receive an incomplete grade, read the incomplete grade policy.
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An incomplete grade (“I”) is a conditional grade and granted only when extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control occur after the semester withdrawal deadline.

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Is your past academic performance negatively impacting your GPA? Ensign College's academic renewal policy allows students under select circumstances to petition to eliminate grades of D+ or lower from the calculation of their GPA. To see if you qualify, please review our Academic Renewal Policy.
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Academic renewal is a policy that provides a means by which students with poor past academic performance may, under certain limited conditions, petition to eliminate grades of...

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Your academic standing is adjusted at the end of each semester, and can be viewed in your MyEnsign account. Please keep in mind that your academic standing can affect your federal financial aid eligibility. To learn more, review the Academic Standing policy.

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Students with outstanding academic records are recognized in two ways: the Dean’s List and the Honor Roll. Students who complete at least 12 credit hours per semester, and who attain a 3.7...

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The Records and Registration office is here to help you with questions about registration, transcripts and class schedules. Our hours are Monday and Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Feel free to contact us at or 801-524-8140 .

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