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Student to Leader: Clubs Empower Alumna

Ensign College, the place to be for aspiring business leaders, has witnessed the transformative journey of one of its alumni, Sanna Weggersen. Today, she is a project manager at Devfinity, a tech company in Salt Lake City, but her journey began at Ensign College, where she learned valuable lessons in various aspects of her life. An important part of her experience in college was her participation in business clubs, which shaped skills that today set her apart from other professionals.

Business Clubs and Competitions

DECA, FBLA, and Lion’s Den are among the business clubs and competitions Sanna was involved in at Ensign College. Students in DECA compete as individuals or in a team to create and present a plan that solves a given business or marketing challenge. DECA prepared Sanna to be a strong business competitor by putting her knowledge to the test in entrepreneurial challenges. She eventually became the president of the DECA student chapter at Ensign College, which gave her the opportunity to develop skills and be a leader.

While DECA focuses more on corporate challenges, FBLA focuses on testing students' knowledge and proficiency in business topics. Both organizations are external to the college and gave Sanna and her colleagues opportunities to work on real-life problems outside campus, preparing her to handle situations she now encounters within her job position at Devfinity.

In addition to those external organizations, the Lion’s Den Competition is an event hosted by Ensign College that encourages students to pitch their business ideas and get feedback for future opportunities. Sanna’s team created the Oslo Media House, a digital marketing agency that supports small businesses: “Oslo is able to offer these small businesses high-quality marketing at a lower rate, while young talent gets the professional exposure and experience, they need to build a solid portfolio.” Sanna adds, “We loved our experience with the Lion's Den Competition. It was super fun to be in an environment with like-minded people who wanted to grow their ideas into businesses!” Her team won first place in the competition, which gave them the boost they needed to move forward with their business. They have already worked with a couple of start-up clients and hope to get Oslo Media up and running soon.

Sanna's decision to join these clubs was rooted in a desire to be actively involved, to be more than just a face in the crowd. "It’s a bonding experience to go to business clubs," she reflected, highlighting the intimate and supportive environment that smaller clubs at Ensign College provide, “In a bigger school, you may get lost in the sea, but here you are seen." That is one of her greatest pieces of advice students who hope to do the most out of their time in college can get.

From College to the Job Market

About her experiences in the competitions, Sanna emphasized the feelings of mastery and accomplishment that came from such experiences. She encourages students to join these clubs, stressing that participation not only helps you develop crucial skills such as public speaking and networking but also gives you a sense of empowerment. "It took up a lot of time, but it added a lot of value to my life." If you’re even thinking this sounds interesting to you, Sanna adds, “truly, just go. If you're hesitant, just go. If you want to improve your college experience, learn from people who know more than you, and network.”

Sanna's experience in business clubs significantly contributed to her personal and professional growth. The skills she developed, such as public speaking and being comfortable presenting herself, have proven to be invaluable in her career. When you’re in a business experience, you must immediately speak your mind. I got comfortable with being wrong," she shared. Her adaptability and confidence have translated into practical skills applicable in various settings, but especially in her career.

It's important to note that as talented as Sanna is, her experience is not unique—hundreds of Ensign students have gained confidence and skills through the opportunities offered through business clubs and other academic clubs. Make the most of your college journey. Explore all the Ensign clubs and, as Sanna advises, “just go.”

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