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Peer Mentoring

A mentor is a support, a friend, and a resource to support students on their path to success at Ensign College.

The Ensign College Peer Mentor program exists to provide students peer support in their educational journey. Peer Mentors are current EC students who are excelling in their academic pursuits, and are familiar with campus life and resources for student success. These individuals work with students individually and in groups to help new and other students connect to the right resources on campus and enhance their student experience.

New students will be assigned a Peer Mentor who will connect with them throughout their first semester to ensure they have the tools and support needed to transition to life at Ensign College. Any student can request Peer Mentor support by clicking on the link below. We look forward to connecting with you!

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    I'm Kenzie Steele, a Peer Mentor here at Ensign College! I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada! I am studying Medical Assisting but enjoy lots of the arts out of school. I love music, painting, books, and nature. I studied nutrition and art history before coming to Ensign College but decided I wanted to pursue the medical field instead. As a Peer Mentor, I am here to guide you through the college experience and make your transition here comfortable and joyous. If you're new to campus, or need a friend, you can contact me here.
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    Hey! My name is Andres Felipe Hernandez, I'm from Bogota, Colombia! I served a mission in the Ecuador, Guayaquil North Mission which I cannot say it's the best mission in the world because it is celestial! I'm studying Computer science and small business management. I'm a peer mentor at Ensign College because I love to meet new people, being able to serve them and the mission of the school let me know the school cares about us more than just for study.
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    Hello! My name is Tanner Ayre, and I have grown up here in Utah with my family. I am majoring in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I have been attending Ensign College since January 2020 and look forward to graduating with my associates degree. I love music, dancing, theatre, people, the ocean, and airplanes! I also have a strong desire to help all those around me to feel valued and important, because they are. I look forward to meeting you and learning from you as we work together here at Ensign College!
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    Hey there! my name is Jovany, I am from Rhode island. My family is from Cabo Verde. I love to play super smash brothers and make people smile. I love to eat food, and make lots of jokes. I am super excited to meet you and see you! Please do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with me to talk to me on campus! Schedule a time right now! Have a blessed day.


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What does a peer mentor do?

As a peer mentor, you will have the opportunity to work with students one-on-one in helping them succeed during their first year at Ensign College. Your job is to connect first-year students to campus resources and encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning. Mentors also frequently reflect on their abilities to determine how they can improve and further help students.

Peer mentors are students who:

  • Demonstrate academic excellence (GPA 3.0 or higher)
  • Desire to serve and help others succeed, particularly new students
  • Are knowledgeable of campus resources
  • Have strong self-discipline and ability to effectively balance their time
  • Exhibit confidence and optimism in the face of challenges
  • Work cooperatively in a team or group setting

Responsibilities include:

  • Build a mentoring relationship with each student
  • Meet with students one-on-one throughout the semester
  • Send weekly emails and other individual emails and texts to students
  • Facilitate study groups, workshops, and other activities
  • Attend and actively participate in peer mentor meetings
  • Perform general office work

Typical workday:

  • Shift in office and SSC hours (4-6 a week)
  • Meet with a few students
  • Send emails/texts to follow up with students
  • Meet with a supervisor (once a week)
  • Attend team and training meetings (once a week)
  • Supplemental readings/trainings
  • Work 3-4 hours a day
  • Other than your scheduled office hours/training meetings, the work hours are yours to manage


  • Commitment to living the honor code and contribute to the mission of the College  
  • Demonstrates academic excellence (3.0 GPA or higher) 
  • Completed CAR 101 
  • Promotes personal responsibility for learning 
  • Self-motivated and productive in a non-structured work environment 
  • Ability to lead by motivating and inspiring others  
  • Effective interpersonal communication skills 
  • Ability to build and maintain positive relationships 
  • Displays genuine care and concern for other students, particularly freshmen 
  • Familiarity with all campus departments and services 
  • Commitment to fulfill role and expectations for two semesters  


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