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You have options. Choose from the forms below to fit your circumstances.
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If you wish to petition any Ensign College academic policy, you'll need to submit this petition. Only Ensign College academic policies can be petitioned; federal guidelines and/or requirements cannot be petitioned through this committee. The intent of this petition process is to accommodate students with extenuating circumstances or emergencies beyond their control that may impact their academic records.

  • You must submit a petition within 90 days of the semester for which you're requesting exception to academic policy.
  • Please be specific in what you are asking and attach documentation to confirm extenuating circumstances.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to process your request.
class in session
This form is only available during the add date for each semester. After the add date, you will need to submit the Exception to Academic Policy form. You may use this form to request the following:
  • Repeat a course a third time (note that you may not be eligible for financial aid if this request is approved)
  • Take more than one religion course
  • Program chair approval for specific courses
The Permission to Enroll in a Course form (found below) is only available during registration. You will need to be prepared with the course name and session number in order to complete this form.

Please allow 2-10 days for us to process your request.
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A transfer evaluation occurs when you submit official college transcripts to Ensign College. Transferred courses will show up in your MyEnsign account and on your transcript. If a course didn’t transfer as you had hoped, you may complete this form.

Include the following when you submit the form:
  • College attended, course name and number. You will need to include a course description or link to the description.
  • The Ensign College course name and number you wish to satisfy.
Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to process your request.

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