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Program Excellence Scholarship

Who is Eligible

The Ensign College Academics Department has created criteria to award scholarship(s) to continuing students. Scholarships will be administered under the direction of the Dean of Faculty and the Dean of Instruction and General Studies. Recipients must be enrolled full-time and must meet all other eligibility requirements mentioned in the Ensign College Scholarship Policy .

Award Amount

25% Tuition

Award AmountNot available first semester
25% Church-member tuition
Minimum Cumulative GPA2.0
Awarding CriteriaAs determined by program director
Duration1-Semester, can only receive once per program
Budget ConstrainedYes
Required EnrollmentFull-time (12+ credits) required

Students who are awarded by a program director or department chair of a specific program can only award students declared in that specific program. A small number of general studies scholarships can be awarded to students. The instructor is not able to nominate a student more than one time.

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