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Leave of Absence

In cases of military or mission service, Ensign College students may qualify for a leave of absence.

Leave of Absence Eligibility

Students can request a leave of absence to hold their enrollment for up to seven semesters while they serve a mission or in the military. A student is eligible if they have completed at least one semester of classes at Ensign College, have a current Ecclesiastical Endorsement, and have no financial or academic holds. Students must submit their mission call or deployment order with their leave of absence request form.

International students who apply for a leave of absence must also notify the International Student Office. A leave of absence will affect F-1 status and the I-20.

If a student plans to cancel their leave of absence or return earlier than initially requested, they will need to contact the Registration Office. If a student needs to extend their leave of absence beyond the maximum of seven semesters, they will need to reapply for admission. Upon returning from leave, students must have a current Ecclesiastical Endorsement to be eligible for registration.


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Before You Leave:

o Check your eligibility. Students must have completed at least one semester at Ensign College and have a current Ecclesiastical Endorsement to be eligible.

o Check with the Financial Aid and Cashier’s Offices. Clear up any financial holds and defer any scholarships or financial aid.

o Check with the Registration Office. Clear any Academic Holds you may have on your account.

o Complete the online Leave of Absence form. Be sure to submit the required documentation with your form.
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When You Return:
o Apply for Scholarships. Complete the scholarship applications by the appropriate deadlines to be considered for scholarships

o Check your Ensign email. All offices on campus will only contact you through your student email

o Renew your Ecclesiastical Endorsement. If you are serving a mission, your mission president will complete the endorsement.

o Register for classes. Returning students can work with their advisor to register for classes.

Meet your Advisor
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    What if I need to take a leave for a reason other than a mission or military service?
    Students requesting a leave of absence for any other reason should not fill out this form. A student can take a leave for a total of 3 semesters without reapplying for admission. If they are away longer than 3 semesters, they will need to reapply.
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    How long can I be on leave?
    Students can be away a maximum of 7 semesters when on military or missionary leave.
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    Can I extend or shorten my leave?
    If you want to come back earlier or later than originally planned, please contact the Registration Office.
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    Do I need to have my mission call before applying?
    Yes. Students will need to submit a copy of their mission call with their request.
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    When is the deadline to submit the Leave of Absence request?
    Leave of absence requests must be submitted before the first day of classes of each semester. 
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    What if I forgot my Net ID after returning from my leave?
    If you have difficulties logging in or remembering you student login information, please contact the Ensign College Help Desk by emailing or calling (801) 524-8119.
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    Can my parents access my student account while I am away?
    FERPA prohibits Ensign College from releasing certain personally identifiable information from a student's record to a third party (e.g. parent, spouse, etc.) without the student's explicit consent. If you would like to grant access to a parent while you are away, you will need to list them on your FERPA release form.

    To update your FEPA release form, log into your MyEnsign account, go to "Campus Personal Information" > FERPA Restrictions > Edit FERPA Release Form. You can view the FERPA Release Information here .


Contact the Registration Office at or (801) 524-8145.

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