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Returned Missionary Scholarship

Who Should Apply

This scholarship is available for new or continuing students who are returned missionaries with an honorable release. (Visit the Returned Missionary page for more missionary information.)

Students must meet all other eligibility requirements mentioned in the Ensign College Scholarship Policy.

Award Amount

$500/semester ($1,000 total).


Two consecutive semesters (Spring is optional).

Priority Deadline*

1 April (Spring), 15 August (Fall), and 1 December (Winter)

*Priority will be given to those who meet the deadline. However, the application is open until Friday of the first week of school. If funding is available, students who apply after the priority deadline may still receive the scholarship.

We recommend you review the “Deadlines” tab/menu on the Scholarships .

Required Enrollment

Full-time (12+ Credits).

Frequently Asked Questions
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    What happens if I am awarded the scholarship, can’t attend Spring term, or can only attend part-time? Will I lose the scholarship?
    If you are awarded the RM scholarship for Winter/Spring and cannot attend Spring – or only attend part-time, you can receive the second half of your scholarship for the fall semester. We will move it automatically for you. If you are awarded the RM scholarship for Spring/Fall and can’t attend full-time or don’t attend Spring, we’ll cancel the scholarship, and you can reapply.
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    What happens if I receive the RM scholarship and am eligible for a better scholarship in my second semester?
    We’ll offer you the best scholarship that you’re eligible to receive. If you are eligible for a better scholarship for your second term, we’ll cancel the RM scholarship and give you a better option. In this instance, you will not be able to receive the 2nd half of the RM scholarship in another term.

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