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Scholarship Thank You Letter

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Don’t forget your scholarship thank you letter!
Who funds your scholarship?
You may be surprised to learn that most of the scholarships offered at Ensign College do not come from large corporations, wealthy foundations, government funds or even from the College itself.

The majority of our scholarship funds are donated by hard-working families or individuals, many of whom achieved an education at great personal sacrifice. These donors never dreamed they would be in a position to make such a gift. But over long years of working and saving, or sometimes because of a tragedy or hardship they have overcome, they have chosen to sacrifice and help someone else in a time of need.

We invite you to write your thank you letter with this in mind. You now have a unique opportunity to communicate to your donor how their sacrifices will make a difference in your life.
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Deadline to Submit
Please include your Student ID number in the letter, and submit as soon as possible, as a gesture of gratitude to your donor. Your scholarship will not be applied to your tuition account until your letter is received by the scholarship office.

Click this link to submit your scholarship letter:
Scholarship Thank You Letter Form**

For any questions, contact the scholarship office at

**IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are logged into any email that is not your Ensign College email, even if the email is not open, this link will not work. You must log out of all your other emails before the link will work.
Important Tax Information
Under the Tax Reform Act of 1996, any funds received by students from scholarships, benefits, fellowships and grants from Ensign College or any other source, which combined exceed the cost of tuition, fees, books, and required equipment and supplies, are considered taxable income. Taxable income may include grants and scholarships but not federal loans (see IRS publication 520).

Since students are required to report to the Internal Revenue Service scholarship and grant income above the cost of tuition and books, it is vital for students to keep detailed records (including cancelled checks and/or receipts) of all expenditures for tuition, fees, books, and required equipment and supplies.

Due to the new federal Hope Scholarship, which is a federal tax credit, the institution is required to report certain tuition, scholarship, grant and other information to students and to the IRS on form 1098T.
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