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Stella Harris Oaks Single Parent Scholarship

Who Should Apply

Students at Ensign College who are single parents with a dependent* child in the home.

Domestic students must submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for the academic year they plan to attend.

Students must meet all other eligibility requirements mentioned in the Ensign College Scholarship Policy.

*Dependent means a child receives more than half their support from you during the school year.

Award Amount

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will receive 120% of tuition. Non-members will receive 60% of their tuition charge.


The scholarship award starts the semester you applied and will be available for the remainder of the academic year. (Please keep in mind that you will need to reapply the first semester you attend of the new academic year.)

Priority Deadline*

1 April (Spring), 15 August (Fall), and 1 December (Winter)

*Priority will be given to those who meet the deadline. However, the application is open until Friday of the first week of school. If funding is available, students who apply after the priority deadline may still receive the scholarship.

We recommend you review the “Deadlines” tab/menu on the Scholarships page .

Required Enrollment

Available for full or part-time students.

Frequently Asked Questions
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    How often do I need to reapply for this scholarship?
    Students must reapply for the scholarship each academic year to allow the scholarship office to re-verify the student’s eligibility.
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    Will this scholarship adjust if I add or drop classes?
    Yes. The scholarship office will adjust this scholarship based on changes to the student’s schedule until the FAD (Financial Aid Census Date). Click here to see that date for each term .
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    Can international students receive this scholarship?
    Yes. Single parents who are international students must pay the full international deposit to be eligible. When filling out the scholarship application, the Single Parent Scholarship will appear as an option for international students. When you apply for the scholarship, you will have the option of giving us information about your dependent children in the application.
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    What happens if I get married during the year?
    First of all – congratulations! Secondly, you will need to inform the scholarship office if your marital status changes.
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    How can I spend the extra 20% of funds I get after it pays for my tuition?
    You can use it to help pay your health plan premium, course content charges, or towards books and necessary academic supplies purchased at the Outpost (Ensign College Bookstore). We recommend you speak with the Cashier’s Office with questions about how to use these extra funds. The Cashier’s Office will adjust any unused funds towards the end of each semester.

Have a question? Our Virtual Assistant may be able to help.

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