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Single Parent Scholarship

Who Should Apply

Students at Ensign College who are single parents with a dependent child in the home. Students are not required to attend full-time for this scholarship and the amount will prorate based upon credits enrolled. All applicants will need to submit a FAFSA (Federal Financial Aid application) for the academic year in which you are planning to attend. International students are eligible to receive this scholarship; however, they must pay the full international deposit in order to be eligible. If an international student is unable to fill out the FAFSA, they will need to contact the Financial Aid office for more information.

Priority Deadline*

April 1 (Spring), August 15 (Fall) and December 1 (Winter)

*Priority will be given to those who meet the deadline. However, applications will be accepted up until Friday of the first week of school. Students who apply after the priority deadline may still be awarded the scholarship if funding is available.

Award Amount

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will receive 120% tuition charge. The remaining 20% can be used to help pay for course content, a health plan, or applied to a bookstore account to purchase course related materials.

Non-members will receive 60% of their tuition charge.

Award Amount120% Church-member tuition for members & 60% for non-members120% Church-member tuition for members & 60% for non-members
Min. GPANo minimum GPA requirement2.0
Awarding CriteriaSingle parent with dependent(s). FAFSA required.Single parent with dependent(s). FAFSA required.
DurationEntire duration of enrollmentEntire duration of enrollment
Budget ConstrainedNoNo
Required EnrollmentStudents do not need to be full-time - scholarship will be proratedStudents do not need to be full-time - scholarship will be prorated


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