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Need to request a transcript? Try our simple online ordering system.

In an effort to provide official academic transcripts to students in a timely, efficient and convenient manner, Ensign College now offers them in a secure electronic format. Students can order transcripts online and have them sent electronically, mailed or held at the Registration Office for pick up. Transcripts cannot be ordered by phone, email, paper, or fax.

"Education is the power to think clearly, the power to work well in the world's work, and the power to appreciate life."
Brigham Young

Ensign College now charges for all transcripts.

Electronically delivered transcripts are $3.25 each. Transcripts mailed or picked up are $5.75 each.

Many institutions are now accepting secure electronic PDF transcripts. Ensign College recommends that students check with the recipient before sending an electronic transcript to verify that they will accept that format. We also recommend that you verify the correct email address before submitting a request for a PDF transcript to ensure that it transmits to the proper recipient.

Electronic PDF transcripts are secured by a digital certificate. This certifies the validity of the transcript to the recipient and ensures the receiver that the transcript has been prepared and delivered by Ensign College and that the transcript is authentic and has not been altered.

Request an Official Transcript below.

I have access to MyEnsign: Use your Ensign College email and LDS Account to log in to MyEnsign. In the Student Center, select "Request Official Transcript."

I don't have access to MyEnsign: If you no longer have access to MyEnsign, use this link to create a secure account to order official transcripts.


The Student Success Center is here to help! Contact us at (801) 524-8151 with any further questions.

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