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Tuition Refund Policy

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Tuition refunds can only be given under certain circumstances.
Your tuition and health plan premium must be paid in full by the tuition and health plan payment deadline (see the academic calendar for deadlines). If you have paid your tuition and health plan but have dropped classes, withdrawn from all of your classes, or obtained a qualifying internship, you can request to have your tuition refunded. Each request will be taken on a case-by-case basis, so there is no guarantee that your situation will qualify for a tuition refund.


Classes dropped up to the Drop Deadline

The Drop Deadline can be found on the Academic Calendar for each semester. Students can drop classes at any point up to the Drop Deadline for a full refund. NO REFUND will be given for individually withdrawn classes after the Drop Deadline unless the student officially withdraws from Ensign College.

Complete Withdrawal from School

When a student withdraws from all of their classes at Ensign College after the Drop Deadline, a pro-rated refund can be given by request until the eighth week of the semester. There will be no refund given when a student withdraws from school after eight weeks of the semester have elapsed.

Exceptions to the Tuition Refund Policy

Ensign College recognizes that there may be situations beyond a student's control where an exception to the above policy may be warranted. The following exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis to determine whether the situation merits an exception:

  1. Death of the student;
  2. Death of an immediate family member where continuing school is impractical;
  3. Medical condition requiring extended medical care where continuing school is impractical;
  4. Acceptance of a qualifying internship.

Course content charges and fees are not refundable. All refunds should be requested at the Cashier's Office.

When a prorated refund is issued for students who completely withdraw, the refunds will be based upon the table below.

Refund policy for Honor Code violations

Refunds will not be issued to students who are suspended or separated from the college due to Honor Code reasons.


Week of School Student Withdraws Percentage of Tuition Refunded
1st 100%
2nd 100%
3rd 100%
4th 70%
5th 60%
6th 50%
7th 40%
8th 30%

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