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Utah Fits All Scholarship Courses

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Ensign College is pleased to offer several courses for Utah Fits All scholarship recipients.

  • Schedule: All offerings follow Ensign College's academic calendar .
  • College Credit: Students will earn credit for all courses, which will appear on their college transcript.
  • Student Status: Students will be enrolled at Ensign College as nonmatriculated students.
  • Costs: $80/credit hour. Intro to College Writing has an additional $22 course-content fee. College Algebra has an additional $35 course-content fee.
Available Courses
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    Introduction to College Writing (3 credit hours)
    Students in English 101 will work individually and in groups to observe and produce writing for both academic and workplace settings. The course explores the writing and revision process and reviews grammar, editing, and proofreading as applied in students’ writing.

    Writing will grow from different purposes as students compose for varied audiences, formats, and media. This includes business documents, research-based academic and general writing, reflections, and presentations.

    Critical thinking and information literacy are included in this course. Students who succeed in this course will be able to produce professional-quality writing that is clear, concise, evidence-driven, and persuasive.
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    College Algebra (4 credit hours)
    College Algebra fulfills the Quantitative Literacy General Education requirement at Ensign College and prepares students for trigonometry, business calculus, or statistics.

    This course covers equations and their applications, inequalities, systems of equations, matrix analysis, partial fraction decomposition, conic sections, sequences, counting theory, probability, induction, and the binomial theorem. It also covers polynomial, rational, radical, logarithmic, and exponential functions and their graphs.
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    American Government (3 credit hours)
    American Government fulfills the American Institutions General Education requirement at Ensign College. This course will immerse learners in experiences that will help them begin to understand U.S. politics.

    Learners will discover and discuss the inspired principles and structure of government embodied in the U.S. Constitution. They will explore historical and contemporary influences that have shaped the law. Learners will learn to form and articulate educated opinions about current issues so that they can become active participants in their own community. In short, they will practice the kind of self-education and civil discourse that characterize informed, responsible citizens everywhere.
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    College Success (1 credit hour)
    ENS 101 helps students identify the next steps in their college and career path and plan for a successful college career. Considering the Church's significant investment in higher education, this course helps students to become effective stewards of resources invested in their education.

    Students will be able to identify and access academic, career, health, and financial resources that are crucial in achieving desired academic, employment, and spiritual outcomes. Students will also be able to describe the specific educational and instructional approaches utilized at Ensign College to help students achieve their goals.
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    Digital Marketing Bootcamp (3 credit hours)
    Interested in learning real-world digital marketing skills and earning college credit and industry certifications along the way? Welcome to the Ensign College Digital Marketing Boot Camp, a 12-week transformative journey for high school students ready to dive into the exciting world of online promotion and brand building. This immersive program offers a blend of academic excellence and real-world skills acquisition, providing students with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. Here’s what makes our boot camp a game-changer:
    • College Credits: Earn 3 college credits while mastering cutting-edge digital marketing strategies.
    • Industry Certifications: Gain a competitive edge with 4 industry-recognized certifications, proving your expertise to future employers from recognized industry leaders.
    • Hands-On Projects: Apply your knowledge through hands-on projects, turning theory into practical, real-world experience.
    • Exceptional Instructors: Learn from seasoned industry professionals who bring real-world insights and experiences into every lesson.
    • Innovative Curriculum: Stay ahead of the curve with a curriculum designed to encompass the latest trends, tools, and technologies in digital marketing.
    • Critical Life Skills: Professionalism, teamwork & leadership, communication, and problem-solving are embedded throughout the curriculum.

Ensign College is an institution of higher education founded and sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The school’s mission is to develop capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ. As an institution, we seek and follow the counsel and guidance of inspired leaders in harmony with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, its purposes, and in fulfilling our stated mission.

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