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Vaccination Policy

Unless you are a health professions student in the practicum there is no general requirement for vaccinations to enroll as Ensign College students. All international students must be tested for Tuberculosis (TB) AFTER entering the United States. The TB test must be negative and the results must be sent to the International Student Office. You can view testing details and location information here. For other questions, contact the International Student Office.

Health Professions students must have their immunization records prior to enrolling in the health professions program. The required vaccines are: 3 hep B, plus a hep B titer (blood test), current Tdap (within 10 years), 2 MMR, 2 chicken pox (varicella), TB semester prior to practicum, flu semester prior to practicum, national background check, 10 panel drug test. Students can also provide titers for all vaccines. For more information, contact Schillene Bigelow, Health Professions Program Chair.

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