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A Path to Career Success

Choosing a college can feel overwhelming when you're just starting out. With so many options for colleges and degree programs, how can you be confident you're making the right choice? For Logan Page, a current Ensign College student, the answer was finding an educational experience laser-focused on preparing students for career success.

A Career-Focused Education

Originally from Layton, Utah, Logan knew from an early age that he wanted to study something related to business. "In high school, I ran a lawn mowing business with my cousin, and that really got me interested in business - all the different aspects like accounting and especially marketing."

When it came time to decide on a college, Logan liked the career-oriented approach of what was then LDS Business College (now Ensign College). "I knew I wanted to study something related to business, and I thought going to a school dedicated to business and business-related subjects would be really good for me."

Learning from Working Professionals

Out of Ensign’s business-related options, Logan chose to study digital marketing . He is impressed by how the school gets students ready for the working world. "The teachers are all adjunct faculty who take time out of their busy schedules to teach us. Because they are working in the fields they teach, they know how to prepare us better for our careers than a normal college professor would."

In Logan's marketing courses, he isn't just learning theories and textbook concepts. "Instead of learning how something should work, I'm learning how it actually works in the real world, which really sets me apart from other students at traditional colleges and universities."

He adds, "For one class, we did an actual ad campaign for a charity called Bible Rescue. It was fun to see how that really works - executing the campaign, analyzing the data, and measuring the results."

Real-World Experience

But the career preparation goes far beyond Ensign's classroom walls. The college is focused on giving students opportunities to get hands-on experience through projects, internships, and travel opportunities.

Through Ensign, Logan was accepted into the Small Enterprise Education Development (SEED) program. "They sent me to the Dominican Republic for three months, where I helped small businesses with things like accounting, marketing, and public relations. I taught business classes, did one-on-one mentoring, and even taught English in my spare time."

Now, Logan is working with fellow students to launch Studio E, a program designed to give students credit for their previous experience and allow them to work on client projects. "It's going to help students graduate faster," says Logan, who is serving as a videographer and photographer for Studio E. "Getting to work on real client projects is a huge way we can set ourselves apart when applying for jobs."

A Supportive Path

For prospective students worried about feeling lost in the crowd at a large university, Ensign has a nurturing environment with small classes and professors who are interested in their students' growth. "Our professors encourage us every step of the way," Logan says. "If we have any issues, they are there to help. They make sure we understand the material and provide support however we need it."

More than that, Ensign professors take their mentorship role seriously, making efforts to extend relationships beyond graduation. As Logan notes, "Every professor I've had at the end of each semester encourages us to connect with them on LinkedIn so they can help us in the future and see how we've grown. The teachers here truly care about each student's success."

An Education for Today’s Careers

When considering his college options, Logan was drawn to Ensign for its career-focused approach. "Ensign was different from everywhere else," he says. "They put so much emphasis on truly preparing students for successful careers."

As Logan's experience shows, Ensign College is pioneering a new model of higher education - one built around developing well-rounded graduates with technical skills, real-world experience, and professionalism.

"It's been an amazing experience," Logan shares. "I'm so grateful for the time I've spent here learning, building my network, and becoming a better disciple of Jesus Christ."


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