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5 winning strategies for life

Brother Gelwix visited LDSBC and shared five strategies for achieving day-to-day wins in life. The first was simply to embrace the gospel. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the perfect school plan, family plan, and life plan, he said. It's the perfect anything plan. When you set personal goals and base your life on the teachings of Jesus Christ, success will come.

He also counseled students to learn from personal revelation. Ask yourself often, What is the Holy Ghost teaching me now? he said. Ponder the times you have been taught by the Spirit. Write down any impressions and apply the promptings you receive.

Brother Gelwix also gave students a warning: don't play with snakes. He related how one player on his team played with a snake that ended up biting him. “We all have snakes in our lives, said Brother Gelwix. They can be bad habits or actions we know are wrong but still play with even though we know they will surely stop our progress. Leave them alone, he said.

Another strategy was to realize that fixing a problem requires more than just a change in attitude. It requires action, too. You must change the behavior as well, he said. Acknowledge your weaknesses, commit to doing better, and follow through.

Finally, Brother Gelwix reminded students not to settle. Don't let good keep you from being great, he said. Keep working to improve. He encouraged students to focus on the most important score of all: how true they were to be the best they could be.

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