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A Degree in Cybersecurity Can Quickly Start Your Career

Everyone dreams of having a career where recruiters actively seek to hire you. For Frank Flores, that’s exactly what happened when studying at LDS Business College.

“I quickly got an internship at a cybersecurity job while still in school,” Frank said. “Leading up to graduation, I was getting offers for full-time jobs through LinkedIn almost weekly. It was a good problem to have.”

Frank went through the Cybersecurity degree at LDS Business College. It was something that had always appealed to him.

“I’ve always been interested in computers,” Frank said. “I’ve liked fixing devices since I was very young. From that young age, I figured that I had a passion in technology. Cybersecurity is a technology that constantly requires you to learn new things.”

Learning those new things, with hands-on experience from real-world professionals, was important to Frank. In fact, all of Frank’s teachers had actual experience working in the IT professional field.

“You really get the fundamental experiences in LDSBC’s cybersecurity classes for what you need in real life,” Frank said. “There was a teacher who was a good mentor to me. He guided me to getting a career that was centered on my field of focus. It really made a big difference in finding the career that I wanted.”

It also helped that the cost of attending LDS Business College was lower than anywhere else he looked

“What I really liked about the College is that you could be debt free after finishing school,” Frank said. “Being able to pay off school without having a big debt was huge for me.”

Thanks to a generous subsidy from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, all our students have access to lower-cost tuition, so you will get a great education at an affordable price. We offer a wide variety of financial aid for students who qualify, including scholarships specific to returned missionaries, single parents and others.

“Cybersecurity is really broad, but despite that, I know everyone will be able to find a starting point here and get their career started,” Frank said. “I love my job now, and I credit LDS Business College for creating the path to get me here.”

Quickly start your career with LDS Business College. We’re more than just business. Take a look at all the great things we offer and start your plan today.

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