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A Turn for the Better - Jesse Casillas

Returning home from a mission, Jesse had a change of mind. His mission helped him to realize the importance of learning. More importantly, it helped him realize the value of education and that it was part of the Lord's plan for him to go to college.

Jesse began attending college in San Diego. He enjoyed the education he was getting, he knew it was important, but there was something missing. Each week was a struggle, he said. I always felt like I was being tried spiritually while I was trying to learn secularly.

In the midst of summer, Jesse worked selling in central California and spoke with his branch president about his schooling. His branch president told him of one of the ward members who had previous gone to LDS Business College.

I looked into it and applied, Jesse, said. I definitely wanted to go to a CES school. LDS Business College was actually just what I was looking for.

Jesse felt much better studying at the LDS Business College. It was a place where he no longer separated secular and spiritual studies. I feel like I'm family, he said. I didn't think I could do college. I didn't think school was for me. It's not easy, it never was, but I know if it's something the Lord has asked us to do and the Lord will help us.

Jesse did more at LDS Business College than ever before. Going from his passion of motocrossing to his desire to become a business professional, Jesse wants to be able to provide for him and his future family.

Summarizing his experience at LDS Business College, Jesse said, My experience at LDS Business College has been one of change and elevation for the better. My experience at LDSBC has been one of growth, of fellowship and friendship. My experience at LDSBC has been one that has better helped me realize and work toward my potential.


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