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A unique way to light the world

Being the youngest in a family with eleven outstanding siblings, there was a time when Natalie felt that any attribute she could think of, one of her siblings already had it.

Growing up surrounded by skilled musicians and even a beauty queen was a challenge for her.

It seemed impossible to her to do something great and unique. It took a lot of faith and hard work to become the person she is today.

What she has learned through this process of becoming is that when you know yourself, you will let your inner self-shine.

For the same reason, Sister Gochnour loves everything about the new Church campaign #LighTheWorld: Twenty-five days of accomplishing different tasks to share the light of Christ and to celebrate Jesus Christ's birth with others as you participate in this campaign.

Sister Gochnour knows that God loves us for our diversity and He lets us show the light of Christ in our own unique ways. Our unique talents are what helps to build the kingdom of God on this earth. God's family includes everyone. We are all children of God. Sister  Gochnour said.

She urged the BC students to make their best efforts to share their unique light with others. In this Christmas season, as everyone should look for opportunities to serve others and share their light, the light of Christ will come more fully into our lives.

As we help Light the World, may we remember we are all a creation of God. Remember to revere God's family, and appreciate everyone for their contributions in this life. May we remember we are a global faith, increasingly connected with others on this earth, Sister Natalie concluded.


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