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A warm welcome for new students

Before the semester starts, all freshmen students at the BC gathered together at the Assembly Hall in Temple Square for their very first devotional. Devotionals have helped the students feel the assurance of being in the right place for a very special reason.

Brailee Ogden, an Applied Technology student shared her testimony about how choosing to attend devotional every Tuesday has been the best decision she has ever made during her time at the BC. She urged students to Have faith in the blessings to come after sacrificing. David Brooksby, Director of Student Living, remarked the importance of remembering that, The Lord wants you to be successful. He recommended students should keep their commitments and live under the Honor Code.

President Richards ended the meeting, sharing that, The feelings of possibilities come because of the Atonement of Christ. He invited the students to pray to see their value and to seek for the best gifts.

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