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Alejandra sees success

As college appeared to be too difficult and something impossible to finish, Alejandra decided to pray and ask God where she should go. LDS Business College was the answer she received.

While Alejandra faced financial struggles, with the support of her parents she prepared everything she needed to move from Mexico City to Utah. A kind family invited her to stay with them as she started her new journey.

As Alejandra began her classes at the BC, she started to feel capable of succeeding. She felt more confident in herself. The spiritual experiences at the school helped me realize I can do hard things, she said.

LDSBC offers an educational experience rooted in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. The goal is to enlighten minds, elevate hope, and ennoble souls. Starting each class with a prayer and spiritual thought has made all the difference, she said. On many occasions, I have felt that I have a bigger purpose in life.

Alejandra continues to deepen her testimony and strive to become her very best self. The school has helped me learn more about being a woman, she said. She never thought about the difference a prepared woman can make. A woman with an education can serve better.

The grateful student has also given back by volunteering as a coach for Corporate Connect--a non-traditional training program at the College. As such, she reaches out to help participants feel more confident and achieve the goals they have at the end of their training.

Alejandra also tries to keep balance in her life. When I feel afraid of something, I think about all the people I could bless, she shared. That gives me the courage to study as hard as possible. She is grateful for the growth she has felt.

I have improved my habits and my temper, she said. I am also more understanding and open to others. My personality has changed a lot since I started attending the BC.

As she studies entrepreneurship, Alejandra is contemplating how she can enrich others through her education. I would love to go back home and create jobs for indigenous people, she said. I would also like to create a non-profit organization that provides educational opportunities. I would never have believed I could do that before.

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