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An Example of Faith

Pairing studying with faith, Nicolás Parra is studying Integrated Studies with an Accounting certificate this year at LDS Business College. Nicolás is from Santiago, Chile. He served a Spanish speaking mission in Mesa, Arizona, but learned English along the way.

His journey to Salt Lake City was not smooth sailing though. When looking for a sponsor to come to school, he struggled to find a way to prove his sponsor could provide the means necessary for him to come to the U.S. After some time, miracles happened, and everything fell into place for him to make his way to college.

Once at LDS Business College, Nicolás started out studying Business Management. One of his classes his first semester was Accounting 101; this was his favorite class. He said he had a challenging teacher that made him work for his success in class, which made him desire to achieve a good grade.

With no prior knowledge of accounting, or what accountants did, this was a challenge for him. After some hard work, understanding and a great teacher, Nicolás found his love for accounting and made the switch in majors.

Something Nicolás loves about LDS Business College is the teaching structure and gospel-based learning. From day one, he learned about the pattern of learning here at the College: Prepare, Teach One Another, Ponder and Prove.

While wondering how he could continue growing his faith while studying, Nicolás decided to try to avoid doing homework on Sundays. Through trusting in the Lord and keeping this habit a constant throughout the semester, he noticed his grades improving.

Nicolás says the environment here makes him unafraid to say that he is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and that everyone here is an example of faith.

“This is a good place to remember who we are, what we believe and to live by those standards,” Nicolás said.

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