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Becoming is not a destination, becoming is a journey.

Trying to be her very best self Huang set different goals to achieve a; 4.0 GPA, play as many instruments as she could learn,  speak different languages and make friends to hang out with. But overall she was looking for a feeling of belonging.

Shortly after she started to work towards her goals; she realized that she wasn't in LDSBC to just become educated and achieve her goals, she was at the Business College to become a converted disciple. Accepting and using the love of the Atonement of Christ  was how she started to compare herself rather than comparing herself with others. She learned to sincerely communicate with those around her rather than compete with them.

The doctrines of Christ will give us direction in life, said Dorian. She is so grateful for Christ love for her and every individual. She has tried the Atonement of Christ and she believes it.

Trials come, life gets complicated but when we rely on the love from our Heavenly family, a journey of growth starts and we can see beyond just a destination.


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