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Brother Jeffrey Rowland becomes new Institute of Religion Director

When Brother Rowland received the assignment to come to the College, he had mixed emotions. He was surprised, but excited to teach and have his own classes. He knew a little about LDS Business College and how it attracted a lot of international students and was looking forward to learning more about each student and where they were from.

He got his start teaching seminary and institute classes over 20 years ago. Before his mission, the father of the girl he was dating (she’s now his wife) influenced him to think about working as a seminary and institute teacher. After his mission, Brother Rowland started along a different career path but realized it wasn’t for him. So, he turned to teaching the gospel. It was something he loved doing as a missionary, and he knew he’d enjoy it as a career.

Brother Rowland likes the BC because it’s unique. He enjoys working with students from many backgrounds, languages, cultures and with different life experiences. “To hear students talk about their experiences in class, you can’t beat that,” Brother Rowland said. “It’s hard to find the type of diversity LDS Business College has in one place anywhere else in the Church Educational System.”

His favorite class is Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel because, as he tells his students, “We get a chance to talk about the Savior, and there’s nothing more sacred than that.”

Brother Rowland acknowledged the great work Brother Burkhart has done for the past three-and-a-half years as Institute of Religion director at the College. He plans to continue the things that have strengthened the relationship between the Institute of Religion and LDSBC.

Brother Rowland’s priority is to “assist, bless and help the Institute teachers, so they have good experiences at the College when they come and teach.” He’s also looking forward to contributing as a member of President’s Council.

He wants students to enjoy Institute classes and have an experience that meets the primary objective of Seminary and Institute: To help students come to understand and rely upon the Atonement and teachings of Jesus Christ, qualify themselves for the blessings of the temple, and then help their family and friends do the same.

His advice to students is to “not get too stressed out, to keep an eternal perspective and focus on their relationship with the Savior, with family members, and then take care of schoolwork. When we get these priorities right,” Brother Rowland said, “school is going to fall into place, and the Lord will bless you.”

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