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Center life and learning on Savior

“The Lord has set a pattern for our safety, happiness, and success here at school: the Honor Code,” said Brother Vaughn. Not only had students signed that they would follow it, the administrators and faculty had agreed to live the Honor Code as well. The result was a unique environment where all could grow intellectually and spiritually.

Sister Alynda Kusch, wife of LDSBC president Bruce C. Kusch, spoke to LDSBC students for the first time. “Here, you will learn more about yourself,” she said. “You will learn how the Lord works with you.” She encouraged students to attend class, turn in every assignment on time, and ask questions without feeling foolish.

President Kusch told students he was glad they had chosen to attend LDSBC. “I want to assure you that you belong here and you have been guided here,” he said.

The president shared how he had enjoyed receiving students from 50 states and 60 countries. He noted how he loved hearing different languages in the hallways and elevators. He loved seeing the temple nearby, and he had fun meeting first-generation college students. He liked to learn where students were from and what had led them here.

President Kusch reinforced the greatness he saw in each student. He noted the love and appreciation that he and the faculty felt for them. He urged students to pray for the gift of understanding of who they really are. He advised that preparing for every class and living with honor would help them succeed.

“Learning is inherently a spiritual experience,” he said. “Center your life and learning on the Savior, and your efforts will be blessed.”

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