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Choose to find success with a degree in Accounting at LDSBC

Figuring out the right path to take in life can be challenging. For Nate Christensen, a student from Farmington, Utah, LDS Business College has helped him find success while studying to get a degree in Accounting.

“While I was on my mission, my sister applied to the College for me without asking,” Nate said. “Another school that I was looking at didn’t work out due to a missed deadline. In a moment of revelation, it felt right to come to LDS Business College. Everything kind of worked out. I could live at home, be close to family and save some money while still getting a great education.” 

In fact, LDS Business College offers the lowest tuition rates among all Church schools. Because LDS Business College is part of the Church Educational System, it provides Nate with an intellectually stimulating education which is complemented with a spiritual environment. 

“It’s been extremely beneficial to study in a Church school,” Nate said. “I feel like the people who come to LDS Business College are really good people. Everyone here’s happy and it creates an uplifting environment all the time.”

Students in the Accounting program acquire the entry-level knowledge necessary to manage all aspects of a computerized accounting system as well as become capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ – the school’s mission statement.

“The teachers here have been hugely impactful,” Nate said. “I love that the teachers work in the industry and know exactly what’s going on. They have experience doing exactly what they’re teaching. It’s wonderful.”

Nate plans on using his Accounting degree to further his education at a four-year institution and eventually become a financial planner. Degrees at LDS Business College are transferable, affordable and stackable.

“At LDS Business College, I feel like you go out into the real world a bit more prepared than you do at other schools,” Nate said. “I would recommend for everyone to come here. 

“I recruited three of my close friends to come because I love it so much. I really believe that it’s one of the best places to start your College education. The education itself is phenomenal. I can’t praise the school enough.”

Come and see for yourself how LDS Business College can help prepare you for the future. Like Nate, a degree in Accounting can help you find success – whether that’s in your future career or in future education. We want to help you grow and excel at LDS Business College.

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