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Choose wisely, choose well

As she reflected on how Danny gave his very best in a crucial moment, Sister Porter said she realized something else: our lives are all full of crucial moments. “Not only that, but the eyes of God and all the holy prophets are watching us—no pressure,” she added. “The questions we must ask ourselves are ‘Will you adapt to the unexpected?’ and ‘Will you overcome any opposition that comes your way as you seek to fulfill your divine destiny here on earth?’ ”

One occasion where Sister Porter adapted was right after her mission. Her greatest desire was to get an education so she could be a better tool in God’s kingdom. She applied to different Ivy League universities and found they would welcome her to their campuses. They were her “golden tickets” to education.

When it was time to decide on a school, however, Sister Porter felt BYU was where she should be. She turned down the colleges she had previously wanted to attend, only to realize later that everything had turned out much better than she had planned. Not only had she received the education she wanted at BYU, she had found her eternal companion there.

“Thankfully, we are partnering with a God to whom all things are present,” she said. “Is it any wonder that He tells us that ‘my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways’ and is it any wonder that, as we partner with our omniscient Father, He will occasionally give us directions that may seem unexpected?”

Sister Porter shared how multiple personal experiences with the “Forget Me Not” talk and book by President Dieter F. Uchtdorf had changed her life. In his remarks, President Uchtdorf talked about Willy Wonka and the golden ticket and how many of us are always searching for the ‘golden ticket’ that will bring us happiness. “I finally concluded that sometimes you have to set aside your own golden ticket to accept a golden ticket from God,” she said.

Setting aside a personal gold ticket can be really hard at times, said Sister Porter, but whenever she needs to make challenging decisions, she remembers she is never alone. She knows she can trust God to help guide her. “God directs me best when I am already moving toward a worthy goal,” she said. “I try to choose well, especially during the times it matters most.”


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