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College holds 2018 Christmas Employee Recognition Luncheon

LDS Business College held its semi-annual Employee Recognition Luncheon in conjunction with its annual Christmas Luncheon Thursday.

Three full-time employees were recognized for exhibiting excellent leadership characteristics and selfless service at the college, and being exemplary role models in becoming capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ.

President Kusch, with President’s Executive Council, selected a recipient each for the Leadership Recognition Award and the Service Award. The President’s Award was also introduced with a recipient selected.

Gail Singley, project coordinator at the College, received the Leadership Award with this acknowledgment:

“Does anybody know anyone that is happier to come to work than Gail Singley? She’s always got a smile on her face. She’s always willing to help. She’s played a pivotal role in the work that’s been done on the new website – which is phenomenal. Just incredible. It’s something that we can all be very proud of. We want to recognize Gail for all that she does as an exemplary leader at LDS Business College.”

Troy Brady, manager of the Help Desk, received the Service Award with this acknowledgment:

“In the Church, I’m going to guess, you’ve never heard anyone in sacrament meeting stand up and bare testimony about how a ward clerk has changed someone’s life. Ward clerks just don’t get recognition like they should. People that do things that help us function in life don’t get much recognition either. We’re recognizing Troy with the Employee Service Award. Anyone who has ever had a technical challenge where Troy has needed to come has been blessed with his service. Thank you, Troy, for your patience with all that you do.”

Christina Baum, Chief Information Officer at the College, received the inaugural President’s Award with this acknowledgment:

“We wanted to recognize Christina for her significant contribution to the institution. As you know, in October of last year, Christina joined us from ICS – the Church’s group of computer technology and support. She inherited a very challenging situation with a transition from mostly internal IT work to ICS in the Church. She came in and has been such a blessing. We are, technologically as an institution, greatly improved. Not only has she done a wonderful job with the technology but also from a human resources perspective. She’s managed everything with skill and compassion.”

Singley, Brady and Baum each received plaques and a painting of the Savior.

Another plaque will be displayed in a new Employee Recognition Awards area on the first floor. This area will be updated with a new plaque featuring Recognition Awards recipients twice a year.

Two full-time employees will be selected and honored in July and December each year as part of the College’s effort to increase recognition – a charge from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf given on Oct. 24, 2017, during President Kusch’s inauguration as LDS Business College’s 13th president. The President’s Award will only be awarded when deemed prudent by President Kusch.


Gail Singley

Troy Brady

Christina Baum

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