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College holds Employee Recognition Luncheon

LDS Business College held its semi-annual Employee Recognition Luncheon Wednesday afternoon.

Two full-time employees were recognized for exhibiting excellent leadership characteristics and selfless service at the college, and being exemplary role models in becoming capable and trusted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Nominees were compiled based on recommendations from fellow employees. President Kusch, with President’s Executive Council, selected a recipient each for the Employee Leadership Award and the Employee Service Award.

David Brooksby, Dean of Students, received the Employee Leadership Award.

Here’s what fellow co-workers had to say about Brooksby:

“David is an incredible colleague. He is kind, patient and calm. He accepts new assignments with a positive attitude, and he's always willing to do his part. He is professional in every way. I have never heard him make a negative comment about anyone or anything. It is a delight to be his co-worker and associate.”

“David is extremely professional, humble and diligent in everything he does. He’s always looking out for others and doing everything in his power to ensure that people feel comfortable around him. He’s the epitome of what a leader is and should be and is certainly deserving of this award.”

Matthew Snow, Senior Software Engineer, was the recipient of the Employee Service Award.

The following is what employees said regarding their recommendation of Snow for the award:

“Matt has always been very agreeable and helpful to me He quietly labors, usually on the 9th floor, nobody sees him, but he serves many people from that location.”

“Matt is so quiet that I have never known how enormously capable, kind, and serviceable he is until recently during our walks from the train station each morning. It seems to me that he is always quickly responding to help other people and provide stunning insights that demonstrate being firmly anchored in faith and love toward the Savior.”

“When I think of service - Matt Snow is someone who comes to my mind because he is absolutely committed to helping everyone who needs it. I know he is so busy and helps so many - yet he is always quick to respond, quick to teach, quick to help, and always serves with such kindness. He is the best to work with!”

“From my first weeks on the job, Matt Snow has been helpful, positive, informed, reliable, and dedicated to the work of LDSBC. In every way and every interaction, Matt does his best to provide the best information promptly and to solve problems creatively and solidly.”

Brooksby and Snow each received plaques and a painting of the Savior.

Additionally, President Kusch introduced Employee Service Honors. A certificate and gift card were presented to the longest-tenured employees based on increments of five years of service (5, 10, 15, etc.). The awards were given retroactively since this was the first time awards like this have been given.

Each summer and winter, two full-time employees will be selected and honored as part of the College’s effort to increase recognition – a charge from Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf given on Oct. 24, 2017, during President Kusch’s inauguration as LDS Business College’s 13th president.

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