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Danielle taps her talent to solve design needs

The Soda Springs, Idaho, native loved interior design, and the school was known for its amazing expertise and training in this area. Not only would she learn critical skills for her career, she would learn the skills she needed in life. She attained a scholarship and was on her way.

Danielle found herself in an encouraging yet demanding environment. When asked about her biggest challenge, she said, “Not getting sleep.” Between immersing herself in an intense program full-time and working 30-35 hours a week, she found it really hard to stay on top of things. She learned to rigidly monitor her time. 

Technical skills that Danielle learned and sharpened for her career included drawing and drafting, rendering, AutoCAD and Revit. Accompanying them were practical life skills that helped her grow as a person. These included patience, time management, dedication and hard work. 

Danielle was very hard on herself as she worked through the program. She often compared herself to others and thought of her work as average, despite what others said. Only when her mindset changed did she appreciate her own work. “I finally realized that it was better to know how to do many things at an average level than be excellent at just one thing,” she said. “It made me a more balanced person.” 

Danielle soon found herself learning more than ever. She continued to excel. She currently works at Henriksen/Butler, a premier interior design firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. “We always run into problems,” she said. “I love to help solve them with the best solutions possible. It’s my favorite part.”

As she embarks on the career that LDSBC prepared her for, Danielle is excited to use her talents. “I want to use the skills I have learned to make the world a better place,” she said. “With my wonderful job as a designer, I can change the world one client and one project at a time!”

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