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Decide to Be Christ-Like

Choose to be something good like a bee rather than a fly. Bees are hard workers and are always looking for flowers. Flies land everywhere and transport different diseases everywhere they go.

As life goes on and students decide which careers to pursue, Brother Ridd said nothing is more important than becoming like Christ. He invited students to “decide to be Christ-like.” But be aware that when you use your agency to become more like Christ, Satan will want to capture your agency by blinding you to the consequences of your actions.

He related the experience of his daughter trying to capture a raccoon. All she had to do was spread pieces of cat food that led the raccoon into the cage. The raccoon just focused on obtaining food, and soon he ended up in the cage.

Satan can blind you in the same way, cautioned Brother Ridd, when everything you see is a small piece instead of the big picture of the consequences. When the time comes to make a hard decision, always ask yourself, “Where does this decision lead?”

“Satan tries to make your body reign your spirit,” said Brother Ridd. As you become more determined to become Christ-like by making good decisions, getting to know the Savior should be a top priority.

“Many people focus on the external. Some focus on the internal. Few people focus on the eternal,” said Brother Ridd as he urged the students to learn more about Christ and become more like him. “Each of us is responsible for where we go by how we set our sails,” he concluded.

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