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Embracing the Honor Code

“The College is not just a building, but an institution designed to build us,“ said Brailee. She sees how the Honor Code is one of many important blocks. Not only does it make the building unique, it provides blessings to those who follow it. During her mission, Brailee learned how exact obedience could bring miracles, and she sees the power it brings to people now.

Brailee has embraced the Honor Code by finding reasons to live it instead of excuses to neglect it. As she helps others live by the same code, she becomes more aware of how obeying it helps her build a strong and sure foundation for her life.

“I pray that we will actively use the Honor Code as a building block in our lives,” said Brailee. She then concluded, “I pray that we will support each other and help each other use the building blocks we are given here.”

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